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Cooling by natural air convection is by far the most reliable cooling method known, it occurs through the movement of air determined by the variation of its temperature.
Why the Fans Free IREM system is an advantage

In nature, the hot air decreasing in density tends to rise upwards and consequently the cold air tends to occupy the underlying layers of air: the natural convective motions that derive from this thermal excursion favor the cooling of the electric machine without the need for fans.
The alternative is forced cooling, which uses fans and is not without its drawbacks.

The advantages of the cooling system by natural air convection are:

  • Absolute reliability due to the absence of rotating parts subject to defined duration and failure;
  • Extremely silent due to the absence of aerodynamic noises and friction;
  • Cleaning due to the absence of dust entrained inside the equipment casing;
  • Absence of energy consumption related to the operation of the forced ventilation system;
  • No additional maintenance costs for periodic replacement of faulty or worn fans.

IREM manufactures all voltage stabilizers in IP21 version without fans, fan-free system, which uses natural air convection as a cooling system.
This result was achieved thanks to a careful study of the cabinets, the internal arrangement of the components, the shape and size of the ventilation openings and other measures aimed at ensuring the triggering of the convective motion of the air.
The in-house design and production of carpentry and casings has made it possible to implement these solutions otherwise not possible with common commercial cabinets.
The FAN FREE system is applied on all IREM stabilisers of the MINISTAB and STEROSTAB families with IP21 protection degree.


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