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Irem Ecostab are energy economizers designed to improve Power Quality in terms of consumption reduction and maintenance cost savings.

The IREM economizer is able to modulate the voltage of the distribution network, in order to provide the electrical loads with an optimal voltage, which can be set at a desired value and kept stable.

Ecostab IREM: energy efficiency in concrete packaging industries
Ecostab is also used in the cement industry, as it is a highly energy-intensive sector.

In the province of Milan, the installation of an Ecostab Y319AJB1250S with a power of 1250 kVA allowed a crushing and selection plant for qualified aggregates for industrial packaging of concrete to achieve energy savings of 5%.

This site receives a fluctuating and typically high power supply voltage: the adoption of the IREM ECOSTAB energy economizer, in addition to allowing profitable energy savings, increases the Power Quality through its ability to maintain constant the set voltage value by dynamically compensating the internal voltage drop of the MV-LV transformers in the different load conditions.

voltage stabilizer ECOBUCK IREM
The IREM ECOSTAB Y319AJB1250S energy economizer, equipped with the measurement system of the electrical energy parameters and communication interfaces, was integrated into the production cycle and was able to benefit from the tax advantages related to the “Industry 4.0 plan”.

Thanks to iremON, IREM’s cloud platform for Power Quality products, it is also possible to remotely manage and monitor the plant in real time.

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