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What are current harmonics?

Harmonics in electrical systems are currents or voltages that have a multiple frequency compared to the main frequency of the electrical system. For example, if the fundamental frequency is 50 Hz, the harmonics can have frequencies of 100 Hz, 150 Hz, 200 Hz, and so on.

Harmonics are generated by devices that do not consume current evenly, such as electronic equipment and nonlinear loads, and can cause problems such as overheating, waveform distortion, unwanted resonances, and equipment malfunctions.

Understanding and managing harmonics is crucial to improving POWER QUALITY and ensuring the reliability and efficiency of modern electrical systems.

How to counteract current harmonics?

How to counteract current harmonics?

At IREM, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions to improve Power Quality and address the challenges posed by current harmonics. Our range of passive and active harmonic filters ensure efficient and reliable operation of your systems, minimizing the risks and costs associated with poor power quality.

The PHF series Passive Harmonic Filters are designed to reduce current harmonic distortion from 100% THDi to values below 5%. These filters, made up of a combination of inductors and capacitors, are usually installed on the drive power supply line and guarantee excellent attenuations without the need to be tuned with reference to the impedance parameters (resistance in the electrical circuits) of the installation site. Passive filters find application in the industrial waste and recycling sector, in air conditioning systems, water treatment systems, the oil sector and in industrial automation processes in general.

Passive Harmonic Filters
Passive Harmonic Filters

The AHF series Active Harmonic Filters, also known as “active harmonic compensators”, eliminate harmonics by generating a counter waveform that compensates for distortion. These filters constantly monitor the harmonic current produced by the load and generate an adaptive waveform that corresponds to the nonlinear portion of the load current. Active Filters are ideal for complex industrial plants, smelting and rolling mills, oil and gas industries, commercial and residential buildings, and data centers.

Active Harmonic Filters
active harmonic compensators

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