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IREM Ecowatt Hydro crossflow turbines with vertical entry best express their potential when the hydroelectric plants are built inside existing buildings that are difficult to modify.

In this type of installation it is in fact important to use compact turbine-generator groups to adapt to the characteristics of the technical room without interventions on the existing structure.

The complete range of IREM Ecowatt Hydro Banki turbines can be produced in configuration with vertical water inlet maintaining all the performance characteristics of the more traditional machines with horizontal entry.

The pictures show two IREM Ecowatt Hydro Banki turbines with vertical entry just produced: a TBA 4-2 (550 l/s, 7 m) and a TBA 6-1.4 (1000 l/s, 16 m).
This extreme flexibility and adaptability is combined with the consolidated advantages of IREM Banki turbines:

  • Excellent efficiency curve: high performance even at low flow rates.
  • Simplification of civil and hydraulic works: robustness and simplicity of the machine streamline the system.
  • Extreme reliability: the self-cleaning process of the wheel guarantees operation even in extreme conditions.
  • Simple, efficient and reliable flow regulation: consequent reduced maintenance, simplicity of use, possible presence of solid bodies of considerable size inside the water.
  • Possibility of electric servomechanisms: they guarantee advantages in terms of safety, reduced maintenance and reliability of the complete system.
  • Conformity with the Machinery Directive – CE conformity: the safety of the complete turbine-generator groups is guaranteed, being considered as a complete machine. Considerable relief of responsibility for designers, installers and plant managers.
  • Personalised product resulting from industrial processes: IREM quality assurance!

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