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What is a solar simulator?

Solar simulators are devices that emit light similar to natural sunlight. And, essential in various sectors of scientific research and technological development, they are used to test materials and devices under controlled sunlight: in the photovoltaic industry, they are used to verify the efficiency and durability of solar panels; in agriculture, they are used to simulate sunlight in greenhouses and promote plant growth; in the medical and therapeutic fields, they are used for phototherapy treatments that simulate natural sunlight.

Power Lighting solar simulator

To ensure a long operational life of solar simulation lights, a very stable current and low ripple are required. For this reason, it is essential to use specific power supplies and igniters. IREM, with its POWER LIGHTING line, stands out in the field of high quality igniters and ballasts, designed to guarantee excellent performance and reliability and perfectly compatible with different types of lamps:

  • Short Arc Xenon Lamps: operate on direct current, with an electric arc passing through two electrodes inside a bulb filled with high-pressure Xenon gas, producing a brilliant white light similar to natural sunlight. They can be turned back on in any cooling condition and reach full brightness immediately. They are also widely used in film projection, theaters, maritime search lights and industrial applications.

IREM offers a complete range of AS, ASD and ASC igniters and PX, N3 and EX rectifiers, specially designed to ensure correct operation and a long operating life for short arc Xenon lamps from 150W to 15000W.

  • Metal Halide Lamps: are electric lamps that produce light by means of an electric arc through a gaseous mixture of metal halides and mercury vapour. They reach maximum light output after a warm-up period of several minutes and operate at a pressure between 4 and 20 atmospheres, therefore requiring special equipment to operate safely. They generate extremely bright light, with a temperature very close to that of sunlight. They are also the first choice for users in the film and television industry.

The AD, ADC and ADN IREM igniters guarantee high performance, easy handling and instant ignition of metal halide lamps with power from 200W to 18000W.

  • Metal Halide Lamps (HID): produce light through an electric arc generated between tungsten electrodes inside a quartz bulb filled with gas and metal salts. They are often used to illuminate large areas with energy efficiency and high light intensity, such as large public spaces, warehouses, cinemas, football stadiums and car parks.

They need hot-restrike igniters such as the ADI series instant-restrike igniters, compact and reliable, specifically designed for the ignition and immediate re-ignition of metal halide lamps from 150W to 2000W, which can be used in applications internal and external thanks to the IP65 protection rating.

The igniter and power supply systems of the IREM POWER LIGHTING/ARCO line, compliant with CE safety and quality regulations, are designed to last over time and guarantee continuous operation without interruptions.

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