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The analysis of the effects of earthquakes highlighted the vulnerability of some electrical installations with consequent power outages of strategic buildings.

Power transformers are sensitive elements in electrical distribution, so their proper functioning during and after earthquakes is essential to ensure the power supply of construction equipment such as hospitals, barracks and civil protection coordination centers.

This need has been satisfied by IREM which has recently completed an important supply of isolation transformers with powers between 80 KVA and 300 KVA made with earthquake resistance characteristics for construction without adopting base isolation systems.

This performance is obtained with an accurate study of the solutions then adopted in the realization such as:

  • the particular execution of the windings and the radial fixings in insulating material in order to achieve mechanical solidarity with the core,
  • the specific support structure that counteracts the oscillations of the laminated magnetic core,
  • the cable fastening system that reduces the propagation of stresses to the electrical connections,
  • the conformation of the cable entry with elements that protect the insulating layer with respect to the casing,
  • fixing at the base which ensures the effective connection of the transformer to the building structures;
  • and finally the completely removable metal protective casing in order to allow the easy connection of the transformer and allow quick cleaning and maintenance.

IREM, which for years has specialized in the production of voltage stabilizers with anti-seismic characteristics, has also applied its technical skills to power transformers, thus adding a further requirement to the range of products that it makes available to its Customers.

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