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Recognized globally in the design and construction of Power Quality equipment, IREM creates solutions developed on high technical specifications in terms of voltage variation and precision of the set value, adaptable to the individual needs of its customers.

The electrical safety testing laboratory represents a critical environment that requires stable and repetitive test conditions. The machine supplied by IREM was designed to guarantee a minimum variation in the set voltage, ensuring extreme precision even in the presence of load variations. The power source is capable of delivering different voltages, adapting to the various electrical networks present globally, guaranteeing 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies.

What are the characteristics of the IREM variable frequency and voltage power system?

  • 50-60Hz frequency converter
  • Output voltage variation settable within the range of ±30%
  • Output voltage stabilization: ≤ 0.5% under all load conditions
  • Perfectly sinusoidal voltage waveform, harmonic distortion THDi ≤ 0.5%
  • Isolation transformer on the output to allow electrical leakage tests
Advanced IREM solutions for the Power Quality of electrical testing laboratories
This innovative solution finds application in testing laboratories in the field of electrical safety and also in the characterization of the performance of user devices.

The variable frequency and voltage power system is composed of a double conversion frequency converter with IGBT rectifier, an electro-mechanical voltage variator, an electro-mechanical calibrator of the set voltage and a low impedance and high impedance isolation transformer. insulation voltage, with a power of 80 kVA.

At IREM, electrical safety plays a role of primary importance. The solutions proposed in the field of Power Quality are designed to guarantee the correct functioning of the devices in all circumstances, both ordinary and extraordinary.

For this reason IREM collaborates with accredited laboratories in order to verify the conformity of its products, guaranteeing a quality and safety mark, both for producers and consumers.

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