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Power supply

A wide range of devices is nowadays available to improve the power supply quality and ensure the best protection to professional...

Positive energy, without interruption. Since 1947.

New DC Igniters for short arc xenon lamps now available
A new concept of electronic high voltage igniters designed for DC supply. The new ASC series completes the wide range of IREM igniters for cold ignition and hot re-ignition. They...
Japan – ITOSHIRO Hydroelectric Power Plant Commissioning
We are proud to announce that on 1st June 2016 Itoshiro Banba Seiryu Hatsudensho Power Plant, located in Gifu Prefecture, has been powered up by IREM 6-jets Pelton turbine of...
IREM products will supply the largest solar simulator in the world
The German Aerospace Center DLR has chosen IREM Professional Lighting Products for the largest high-power light source in the world. SynLight will be completed in a specially...