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Equipment for power supply control and energy generation.


Positive energy, without interruption. Since 1947.

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Power supply

A wide range of devices is nowadays available to improve the power supply quality and ensure the best protection to professional...

Milanís airports are saving thanks to Stabilux
Milan’s airports LINATE and MALPENSA are saving thanks to the luminous flux regulators STABILUX. The search for efficiency in air transport employs all means offered...
IREM voltage stabilizers: distances without boundaries!
The performances of IREM voltage stabilizers have been recently improved by a new version of the remote control characterised by a modern, web-based, man-machine interface capable...
IREM AVR range has grown much higher
Thanks to highly reliable and technological solutions, IREM has recently enlarged its range of electrodynamic voltage regulators STEROSTAB up to the power of 4750 kVA in NATURAL...